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ERBOH #16: Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader 2 by mashitandsmashit
ERBOH #16: Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader 2
It's time to begin my drawings for Season 2! Let's start with a rematch of one of the most popular Season 1 battles! (Oh yeah, and Stephen Hawking is there too...)
ERBOH Thumbnail Drawing: Nice Peter vs. Epic Lloyd by mashitandsmashit
ERBOH Thumbnail Drawing: Nice Peter vs. Epic Lloyd
I wanted to experiment with Flash and see if I could draw this thumbnail in cartoon form...It wasn't too hard, though I'll have to think about whether or not I should do more of these...
Bite Me by Weird Al Yankovic by mashitandsmashit
Bite Me by Weird Al Yankovic
I've been a fan of Weird Al for years now, and for quite some time I've been wanting to make my own music videos for pretty much all of his songs that don't have one yet (or a good enough fanmade one). I'm gonna try to start things off with the six-second audio that appears as a hidden track at the end of his album, "Off the Deep End".

I do not own the audio.
So I was planning on starting my next set of Bleedman Reviews, and started work on reviewing "Grim Tales: Chapter 4"...

But just a few pages in, I really don't know...I might have hit burnout with these reviews...Not that it's surprising; There are only so many times I can criticize a character for being unlikable or a scene for being ridiculous or lazy (or at least when it's almost always the same brand of unlikable, ridiculous or lazy).

Bleedman's comics certainly aren't gonna improve, and I don't think he's got nearly as big a fanbase as he did ten years ago...Most of his fans were bound to move on by now...

And there's a side of me that just wants to put him behind me and let him just do his thing, as stupid as that thing is...Sometimes, the best way to relieve yourself of your hatred towards something is to simply look away and ignore it...

There will always be writers like him who take characters that aren't their's and do disgraceful things with them, expecting the audience to see this as the true side of them...They've been around for much longer than you may think...Where do you think the term "Mary Sue" came from? Look up "A Trekkie's Tale" and you'll see just how far back the term dates, and therefore how much older the trope itself is...

Bleedman will be forgotten down the road, so maybe it's best we all move on...


There ARE several aspects that make me consider continuing this...One is still the possibility that my OCD will get the better of me and I won't be able to resist going back to Snafu-Comics...However, there are other sites I have done well enough to stay away from despite my fear of what's happening on them, so this isn't a big factor...

A bigger factor is that there is an enjoyment in reviewing something I hate so passionately...For Bleedman, reviewing his works got repetitive after a while, but there's still a side of me that wants to continue these reviews for the sheer fun of it...

I'm actually thinking that if I decide to continue reviewing him, I should actually do that video series I promised a while ago, so that the reviews will hopefully reach a bigger crowd, and maybe I can get more mileage out of them.

But until then, I am going to declare my Bleedman Reviews cancelled, because there doesn't seem to be much else to gain from doing it now...

That said, to everyone who read and enjoyed them, I thank you deeply!

Maybe I'll revive this series someday...But for now, I feel that since I already reviewed most of the really outrageous moments (the 9/11 page, Mandark turning into a psycho, the entirety of "Sugar Bits: Chapter 1"...) there's not much else to say that hasn't already been said before...

For the time being, I'm getting more enjoyment drawing all the characters from "Epic Rap Battles of History". So hopefully you'll be willing to stay tuned for that, because I have special plans for future drawings...


Jeff May
United States


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